Friday, April 16, 2010

San Franisco Art Travel

San Francisco, to sum up the trip I had a great time. Not at all what I expected it to be like so that was fantastic. During the long trip in the car I got to listen to the professor's stories which were inspiring and on the way back I was goofing around with new found friends. On the way coming and going to SF we had spent the night in Reno and can I say in general I am not a big fan of Reno but it does have one saving grace: the art museum. Heading to California we learned the forecast was going to be rainy so the professors threw the rest of the plans for what we were going to do out the window and just winged it. The first day we got tons of free time which was great. We went all over looking at little shops and print galleries and one of which had some Mucha's. We then got to Crown Point Press and I got a little tour which was the top highlight of the trip for me. I tried to take as much in as I could.
The next highlight for me was to go to all the museums and see the art I have only see in history booka and some I have never seen at all. I think the SFMOMA was where my favorite painting of the trip was Pablo Picasso Scène de rue (Street Scene). For closer look click here Another wonderful place I found was the Zen garden at the Japanese Tea Garden it really was a peaceful place to sit and just think.
And the last highlight was the food from breakfast till dinner there was not a shortage of good food to eat like Chinese and Ghirardelli. To top it off I got home on March 14th to a fantastic chicken pot pie made by my great wife.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BYU Print Exchange

So I am gearing up for another print exchange with BYU. The picture above is from the last print exchange I participated in with BYU my print being the bottom right uncovered. It was a lot of work but still a lot of fun. For this exchange the edition size will be smaller the last one was 27 and this one is around 18. Another fun part about exchanges is meeting with the other artist.